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Lawrence Speech and Hearing Services, LLC

Lawrence Speech and Hearing Services, LLC is dedicated to providing excellent services for the diagnosis and treatment of speech, language and hearing disorders in children and adults. Our services assist individuals who have issues relating to hearing loss, auditory-oral training, voicing difficulties, articulation disorders, language disorders and auditory processing issues.


Why We do What We Do

Lawrence Speech and Hearing Services, LLC was created as a fundraising effort for our nonprofit organization: “Speech, Hearing and Balance Institute, Inc. (SHBII).”  The mission of SHBII is to aid individuals in need of speech, hearing and balance therapy,  who can not financially provide these services for themselves.  SHBII has helped over 50 children/adults receive free hearing aids and/or speech and language services as of December 2011!

Visit our non-profit website: Speech, Hearing, and Balance Institute, Inc (SHBII)